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Posted On: December 11, 2014
Posted On: November 01, 2014


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BlackBox Live Line Demonstration @ PackExpo Las Vegas

Posted On: September 17, 2015

PackExpo Las Vegas 2015 / Live Line Demonstration / Booth C-2505


At Pack Expo in Las Vegas, September 28-30th, Nutec Systems will give a live line demonstration on how the BlackBox can help you meet the 2017 Federal Regulations for Serialization and a path towards meeting the 2023 traceability requirements.  The demonstration will not only show how the BlackBox can generate GS1 codes with unique identifiers, serialized codes, but how it can communicate this information with various systems along your production line.  Nutec will show the BlackBox communicating with various printing systems, and various vision inspection systems at the individual, carton and case level.  Aggregation and file transfer to a live server will be part of the demonstration as well.


Nutec: Printing/inspecting/line control in one system

Posted On: February 10, 2015
With the BlackBox Series from Nutec, packaging lines can be equipped with a single-source input that can handle a variety of operations including printing, inspecting, line control, and track and track; and with the addition of cheQAssure, the company’s patented software suite, customers will have a high level of confidence that regulatory requirements relating to product labeling and identification are met.   Read More...