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Posted On: December 11, 2014
Posted On: November 01, 2014


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Nutec in the news

Posted On: December 11, 2014

Nutec in the News


Preparing for Item-Level Coding

Nutec Systems Inc. introduced a new control system that can employ any print or vision inspection system. Black Box is print engine and vision system “agnostic” and can “serve as the front-end control device for any system,” explained Dennis McLaughlin, Nutec’s director of engineering/technical sales, at the show. “It can serve as the central location for trafficking all intelligent devices.” (If customers do not select particular vendors, Nutec will default to HP thermal-ink-jet printing and Cognex systems.)

Black Box can set up, configure, and monitor the status of all print engines and vision systems, and with one single user interface can distribute coding information to all devices, McLaughlin said.

Nutec can scale up the amount of capability as needed to suit customer applications, and the highest level of control can monitor up to 12 printing lanes, constantly perform optical character verification with an accuracy of 99.99%, and run Nutec’s CheQAssure software for batch verification, quality control, and solutions for anticounterfeiting, antidiversion, track and trace, and returns. (Read Full Story)


New Product Release - The BlackBox Series

Posted On: November 01, 2014

Press Release

Date:  November 1, 2014

RE:  New Product Release @ Pack Expo

Press Release Contact Info:  Laura Rodgers, Director of Marketing / Sales


New Product Release:  The BlackBox SeriesThe Blackbox series

Nutec Systems, Inc. introduces the BlackBox Series:

The BlackBox Series is a revolutionary solution to streamline packaging lines.  The BlackBox Series is available in several configurations:

  1.  A Printer utilizing HP® TIJ technology.  The BlackBox can be configured to include up to 12 print heads.
  2. A Printer and Vision Inspection, equipped with either a smart sensor or a smart camera.
  3. A Printer, Vision Inspection and Line Control
  4. Printer, Vision Inspection, Line Control and Track & Track

The BlackBox has a touch screen HMI which allows for a single input for your print, vision inspection and line control.  If validation is required, the BlackBox will decrease the time and money necessary, as it has taken what would have been several pieces of equipment and combined them into one.

For inquiries on this product call Nutec Systems @ 609-912-0145 or visit our booth (S-4014) at Pack Expo in Chicago.