Nutec systems, Inc. creates track and trace program for animal health company

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Jul 14, 2007

July 14, 2007 [Contact: Dr. Albert H. Ahn – (201) 242-8409]
(article from Summit VetPharm Archives)

Summit VetPharm, LLC, a newly formed animal healthcare company, introduces its proprietary Bloodhound™ Technology — an innovative track and trace system developed by Nutec Systems that will help ensure the veterinary exclusivity of its products. This groundbreaking technology differs from similar tracking systems in that it ensures all Summit VetPharm products can be traced from the point of manufacture to veterinary purchase. Bloodhound™ tracks individual clinics that purchase its products and guarantees sale to consumers only through licensed veterinarians.

Bloodhound™ Technology will allow Summit VetPharm to guard against counterfeiting, and maintain the integrity of its products through a secure distribution channel. Veterinary exclusivity improves compliance by ensuring appropriate product usage and increasing awareness with more client visits and opportunities for education.

“By securing our supply chain, we are able to protect the veterinary professional, maintain authenticity of our products, and enhance the role of veterinarians in the lives of the animals they treat. Through our Bloodhound™ Technology, we can help keep companion animal health exactly where it belongs — in the hands of professionals,” states Julia Stephanus, President of Summit VetPharm.

Bloodhound™ Technology is a state-of-the-art product track and trace system developed by Nutec Systems, a company with extensive experience in “start-to-finish” hardware and software implementation of product “print and inspect” systems.  The system uses Unique Individual Identifiers (UID) which,together with a built-in covert anti-counterfeit feature, enables Summit VetPharm to identify counterfeit products with custom design software. Bloodhound™ is a service provided entirely and uniquely by Summit VetPharm, guaranteeing complete reliability and traceability with nothing additional required of its customers.

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